New bank accounts of National Customs Agency


Dear Clients,

Please be informed that from 01.01.2022 National Customs Agency have been serviced by BNB and for this purpose two new accounts have been opened (account with identifier 80):  

IBAN Account for payment of:

  • BG80 BNBG 9661 8000 1222 01 customs duties, VAT and import tax and related fines, penalties and interest
  • BG53 BNBG 9661 8000 1222 02 duty on transactions in the country and the related penalty interest rates

For execution of transfers to the accounts is used Application for payment from/to budget with mandatory requisites: requisite for identification  of the liable person – „UIC/code BULSTAT“, „ID number of the liable person“ and requisite „Type of payments“ – 808080  „Revenues for accounts in BNB with identifier 80“.

Accounts with identifier 82 of the Territorial divisions of the Customs Agency in commercial banks have been closed as of 01.01.2022 and no transfers should be sent to them.


Best regards,