Tokuda Bank offers its customers bank cards Mastercard DZEN and Mastercard credit cards.

These bank cards provide maximum transaction security using the latest generation chip technology. You can be even safer if you sign up to text message notifications and use 3-D Secure.

Bank Cards

Снимка на дебитна карта

Mastercard DZEN

The international bank card Mastercard DZEN with a Tokuda Bank chip enables you to shop in Bulgaria and abroad and withdraw cash from any ATM.

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Credit Cards

Кредитна карта Mastercard Standard

Mastercard Standard

With Mastercard Standard credit cards issued by Tokuda Bank, you have money at your fingertips at any time of the day, anywhere in the world.

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Автоматично участие в лоялната програма „Бонус Кеш”.

Mastercard Bonus Cash

Money at your fingertips at any time of the day, anywhere in the world. You automatically join Tokuda Bank’s Bonus Cash loyalty scheme.

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Card Services

Safety Tips

  • Regularly and carefully peruse your monthly statements. If you stop receiving them, contact the bank.
  • You can also monitor your payments by using text messages to authorise payments, Mobi-B, the ability to check the available funds and the last 5 transactions on your account at a cash machine, etc.
  • Do not leave your wallet or purse unattended.
  • Never give your bank card number over the phone.
  • Memorise your PIN codes and do not write down your card number or its PIN code anywhere.
  • Make sure the internet trader you are considering is reputable. Read their safety policy.

  • Make sure there is no text anywhere, even in small print, saying you agree to have your card charged for additional subscription fees, etc.

  • Read the purchase conditions, such as delivery times, warranties, order cancellation.
  • Protect your personal data. Never provide information about yourself unless you are certain you are required to provide it.
  • Keep your correspondence. Store all information relating to the purchase and payment.
  • Never and under no circumstances should you enter or give out your PIN code.
  • Keep your eyes on the card while the transaction is in progress. Put your card back in your purse or wallet immediately after payment.
  • Make sure no-one is looking while you are entering your PIN code and keep your hand over the keypad while you are entering it.
  • Make sure the amount on the receipt you sign is correct. Never sign a blank receipt when you make a purchase at a commercial outlet.
  • Always keep the receipts from your purchases – you may need to use them later.
  • Make sure there is no one close by and cover the keypad with your hand while you are entering your PIN code.
  • Check the slot you are about the insert your card into – make sure there are no other devices attached to it.
  • Never reveal your PIN code to others, even if they claim to be employees of the bank.
  • Change your PIN code if you suspect it may have been revealed. Change your PIN code periodically to be safe.
  • If your card gets stuck in a cash machine, call Tokuda Bank AD immediately to have it blocked.
  • If you feel unsafe in any way, press the CANCEL button and terminate the transaction.

Online Banking

Online banking is a secure and reliable system available at any time and place, at your disposal 24 hours a day.

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