Opening of current and special accounts, execution of money transfers, issuance and advising of bank guarantees, letters of credit and documentary collections.


Разплащателни сметки

Current Accounts

Bulgarian levs or foreign currency current account for the execution of payment transactions in Bulgaria or abroad.

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Финансиране от Токуда Банк

Accumulative accounts

Accumulation accounts are intended to hold the registered capital of new companies in the process of incorporation or any increase in the capital of existing companies.

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Documentary Operations

Bank Guarantees

An irrevocable and unconditional engagement by virtue of which the Bank undertakes to pay to the person specified therein (beneficiary), specified amount.

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Letters of Credit

A documentary letter of credit is one of the most secure payment instruments in international trade, in the import and export of goods.

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A payment instrument where bank costs are lower than those incurred for a letter of credit, but the risk of non-payment is accordingly higher.

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