Online Banking

The Online Banking service gives you secure, safe and fast access to your current accounts, deposits and loans registered with the Bank.

You can make payments in BGN and foreign currencies at any time of the day and order bulk payment to your partners, contractors and employees.


Available 24 hours a day

Low costs

Maximum protection


  • Access at any time: Use bank services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Receive information about your money even outside the business hours of your bank branch. Manage all your accounts from one place.
  • Lower costs: You do not pay service registration and maintenance charges. The fees for the bank transactions you have executed are lower than those charged for the execution of similar transactions at a bank branch.


  • Access from anywhere: Thanks to the internet, you have access to your accounts wherever you are.
  • Access rights: You may set access levels for authorised persons and rules for the validation of each payment document, depending on the statutory requirements (documents).
  • Security: The service provides maximum protection of your data and information.


The Online Banking service provides you with security, convenience and speed in the management of your funds and cash receipts.

You can use bank services

  • Order BGN and foreign currency transfers.
  • Order transfers to tax and social security authorities.
  • Submit a request to withdraw cash.
  • Order cashless purchase/sale of foreign currencies.
  • Complete the supporting declarations required for transfers.
  • Send messages to the Bank.
  • Make bulk payments.

Receive the latest Information

  • Balances, payments and receipts on your accounts.

  • Your deposits – amount, maturity date, interest rate.

  • Statements of your accounts, including transactions.

  • Your loans – repayment plan, date and amount of next instalment, remainder, etc.

Bulk Payments

Bulk payment files will be processed as long as they are made in the format provided by the Bank in advance. Such files can be imported using the Online Banking service, and if all requirements are fulfilled, the bulk payment will be registered for execution in the Tokuda Bank System.

The following types of bulk payments are processed:

  • Credit Transfers – intended for payments in BGN within Bulgaria, such as payment of salaries, payments to suppliers and other types of transfers to non-budgetary accounts.
  • Budgetary Payment Orders – intended for payments from budgetary enterprises included in SEBRA.
  • Payments from/to the Budget – intended for the initiation of payments from/to accounts of administrators of public receivables, as well as authorising officers of appropriations – transfers for tax liabilities, customs liabilities, fines, etc.


Tokuda Bank uses professional means to protect the security of its computer network.

Nevertheless, the precautions you take to protect your computers and computer networks when using the Online Banking system are very important.

Tokuda Bank AD provides maximum protection of client data and all transactions during use of the Online Banking system.


At a bank branch

Go to a convenient bank branch to complete and submit the required documents.