Express transfers via Unistream and RIA

Withdrawal of money transfers received at the Bank’s branches through the Ria system.

Send and receive addressed and addressless express transfers via the Unistream Express Transfers system.


Transfers via the Ria System

Tokuda Bank AD provides receipt of money transfers in EUR and USD through the system Ria without any charges for the receiver. The transfers though Ria are available in all bank offices.

  • Maximum transfer amount via the Ria system: EUR/USD 3,000
  • Transfers via the Ria System are processed and paid out within the same business day until 16:30.

Transfers via the Unistream System

Tokuda Bank is the only bank in Bulgaria offering its customers the opportunity to send and receive EUR and USD transfers via the Unistream System. The transfers can be paid out in any bank branch.

  • Maximum transfer amount via the system: EUR/USD 3,000
  • Transfers are processed within the same business day as follows:
    • To send, cancel or amend the transfer – until 15:30
    • To receivethe money – until 15:50

All charges and commissions relating to the processing of incoming and outgoing Unistream transfers are stated in the section Payments of the Tariff.