SMS notification service

Tokuda Bank offers new service – short message notification over a mobile phone (SMS notification).

By choosing this service our customers will be notified in real time for all movements and available funds in their accounts and on deposits, as well as for the due amounts of their loans.


All individual and business customers with available funds in a current account may submit an application form for the SMS notification service in any branch of the Bank.

Types of messages

There are two types of messages – free of charge, upon application, and paid messages depending on customers’ choice, as follows:

Paid SMS notifications, upon application:

  • For account balance – you will be notified for the balance of your account depending on your choice: daily or weekly (on Mondays).
  • For incoming and outgoing transfers – you will be notified for all incoming and outgoing transfers of your account.
  • For all accounting transactions – you will be notified for all movements (accounting transactions – debit or credit) of your account.
  • For deposits – you will be notified tree days prior the maturity date and on the renewal date (for deposits with automatic renewal).
  • For entering your Internet Banking – you will be notified whenever your internet banking is approached by an IP address.
  • A combination of the above options.

Free of charge SMS notifications: (for loans and overdrafts all messages are free of charge)

  • For forthcoming due date of your loan – you will receive your exact due amount three days before the due date.
  • For decreasing limit of your overdraft – you will be notified for decreasing limit of your overdraft with a pre-set amount.
  • For forthcoming expiry of your overdraft – you will be notified 30 days before the forthcoming expiry of you overdraft.
  • For exceeding the minimum account balance – you will be notified when your minimum account balance is exceeded.
  • For loan overdue date – you will be notified on the first day your loan payment is overdue.
  • For other business communications, new services, campaigns, etc.


Registration, change and subscription

Free of charge

A total fee for all SMS notifications will be charged at the end of the month without limit of the number of messages, as per your choice of services.

A single price of a short message notification will be 0.18 BGN