Trades in financial instruments

Brokerage in trades in financial instruments registered on the local capital market, participation in initial and secondary offerings, auctions and custody of securities, as well as the option of trading in local and international debt securities.



Investment Brokerage

Tokuda Bank is a licensed investment intermediary registered with the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) and a member of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia AD (BSE-Sofia) and the Central Depository AD (CD).

The Bank offers investment brokerage in the trade in the following financial instruments on BSE-Sofia:

  • Shares
  • Rights
  • Options
  • Compensatory instruments
  • Government securities
  • Exchange-traded funds
  • Corporate and municipal bonds

Tokuda Bank offers its customers brokerage in:

  • Participation in competitive and non-competitive auctions of government securities.
  • Purchase and sale of government securities on secondary markets


Tokuda Bank is a registrar and, as such, offers the following services:

  • Registration of trades in financial instruments concluded in advance between the parties.
  • Transfer of inherited or donated dematerialised financial instruments.
  • Making changes to the details of holders of dematerialised financial instruments.
  • Request for the status of a portfolio of financial instruments.
  • Issue of duplicates of certificates and other actions stipulated in the rules and regulations of the relevant depository institution.


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