Specific business hours with regard to our annual teem building

Branches and ATMs

Dear customers,

With regard to our annual teem building on 12 April 2019 the bank offices will be closed early than official, please excuse us for this inconvenience.

As we would like to be able to provide you the needed services, please find below the specific business hours for your servicing office.

Office Business hours
Blagoevgrad 8.30- 13.00
Burgas 8.30-14.30
Varna 8.30-14.30
Vidin and Kula 8.30-12.00
Gotze Delchev 8.30-12.00
Dobrich 8.30-14.00
Kazanluk 8.30-15.30
Pleven 8.30-15.30
Plovdiv 8.30-14.30
Razgrad 8.30-15.30
Ruse 8.30-15.30
Sofia Head office 8.30-14.30
Sofia Office Makedonia 8.30-14.30
Sofia Office Hemus 8.30-14.30
Sofia Office Dondukov 8.30-14.30
Sofia Office Tokuda Hospital 8.30-14.30
Sofia Office Business Park 8.30-14.30
Stara Zagora 8.30-15.30
Haskovo 8.30-14.30

Once again, please accept our apologies for this inconvenience.

Management team