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Working capital loan secured by subsidies, with the following options: standard working capital loan, credit line and overdraft. This type of loan is granted to registered farmers who pledge as collateral subsidies received under measures of the State Fund Agriculture for the business year.

Take advantage of the simplified procedure and the clear, competitive terms – without any additional loan security.

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Foreign currency



Up to 95% of the subsidies expected


Up to three 12-month periods


  • Certificate from the State Fund Agriculture (Paying Agency) (prepared in standard form and enclosed with the package of documents for the product) of the submission of an application for support under the SAPS and NSPS, showing the expected subsidy amount, the declared area of arable land and the account to which the subsidy is to be paid, or a common application for the current year for single area payments with URN and UIN for support under the SAPS (Single Payment Scheme) and NSPS (National Supplement Payments Scheme) with a reference number from State Fund Agriculture (Paying Agency) and the subsidy received into the current account for the previous year per unit of area.
  • The loan applicant must be a registered individual or corporate farmer.
  • The loan applicant must have a special current account opened at their Tokuda Bank branch, where the subsidy from the State Fund Agriculture (Paying Agency) should be received.

How to Apply

At a bank branch

Go to your nearest branch and discuss the transaction with one of our consultants. Complete a loan application and prepare the required documents.

Online application

Complete the online application form and one of our consultants will get back to you.