POS Terminal

Tokuda Bank provides your clients with a secure, convenient, and modern way of payment in your  points of sales through a physical POS terminal.


What is a Physical POS Terminal?

A POS Terminal is a device through which cashless payments are made. The POS terminal processes payments by 'reading' the card information, transferring it to the parties involved in the payment, and finalizing the transaction with a positive or negative result.

The reading of the card is done by:

  • Reading a magnetic stripe;
  • Reading a chip by inserting it into a POS terminal;
  • Reading a chip for contactless transactions;

POS terminals that allow processing of contactless transactions can also accept payments through digital wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and others.

Who can request physical POS terminal?

All legal entities (registered under the Commercial Law), sole traders, and other individuals who carry out commercial activities, according to Article 2 of the Commercial Law – including self-employed individuals practicing a free profession, engaging in craft activities, or providing hotel services.

The payment with bank cards supports your business:

  • Limit your cash stocks, significantly reducing the costs associated with collection activities, as well as the costs of depositing and counting money at a bank office;
  • Minimize the possibility of errors resulting from counting money and giving change by an employee;
  • Provide your customers with additional convenience by offering them a choice of payment methods;
  • Enable the ability to reverse and cancel payments;
  • Offer immediate customer service, taking advantage of the speed of contactless payments;
  • Gain new clients, including foreigners;



  • Accept payments with the most commonly used cards brands:  Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Bcard, Trans.card, Diners Club
  • Selection of different types of physical POS terminals:
    • Stationary devices with GPRS communication - suitable for commercial establishments with a separate checkout area.
    • Mobile devices with GPPS communication – suitable for points of sale such as restaurants, bars, and cafes.
  • Provision of Key-entry functionality – the service allows payment of goods and services without the physical presence of the card. It is offered to merchants whose subject of activity is related to hotel reservations and car rental services.


We offer you

  • Free provision of a POS device;
  • Free instructions for using the POS device and technical support;
  • Short verification period for your account – up to 2 working days, starting from the date of the payment processing;
  • Account currency: BGN;

Special Financial Condition

  • Promotional commission for еxecuted transactions for the first 6 /six/ months of the contract. After the six-month promotional period expires, your commission is determined based on the turnover realized during the promotional period, according to a scale specified in your contract.
  • Low monthly fee for servicing payments through a POS device. The fee is fixed and is not linked to realized monthly turnover, generated internet traffic, or number of transactions performed on the device.
  • Free bank card issuance linked to the account of the POS terminal/s, with no monthly fee for servicing the card.


At the bank's office

Visit a bank office and apply for your POS