Secure Mobile Payments via Mobi-B

Mobi-B is a secure mobile payment platform powered and operated by Borica.

Mobi-B turns your mobile phone into a mobile wallet.


Mobi-B allows debit and credit card holders to make payments and use other information services via a mobile phone.

The platform allows for the registration of multiple cards issued by different banks, with the cards displayed on the mobile phone.

  • Protect your cards by locking them and limiting their online use.
  • You get the option of increasing your online payment security by barring your static CVC/CVV2 code and generating a dynamic CVC/CVV2 code yourself.
  • Keep track of your finances in real time – you can check your balance and the last 5 transactions on each registered card directly from your mobile phone.
  • Send money at any time to a friend or relative who is registered with Mobi-B.
  • Cash-M transfer via Mobi-B – you can send money to any beneficiary who has a mobile phone and holds a card also registered with Mobi-B. The beneficiary can withdraw the amount without a card from any ATM that supports the Cash-M service.


Online Registration

in several simple steps on the Mobi-B website

At an ATM

of a bank participating in Mobi-B