Home under construction mortgage loan

Buy your dream home now. Mortgage loan for the purchase of a residential property which construction is not yet completed and is financed by the Bank.




Up to 90% of the market value



Loan term

Up to 30 years


  • You can purchase a residential property which construction is not yet completed and is financed by Tokuda Bank.

  • Possibility of financing if Act 14 (approval of the building shell by a construction inspector) has been issued.

  • Possibility of prior approval based on income, valid for 3 months from the date of approval and issue of a letter of approval of credit limit.

  • Option of having a grace period on the principal – up to 12 months from the signing date of a bank loan contract.

  • Property insurance may be concluded with a selected insurer by the borrower.

  • Loan with no early repayment fee – after 12 loan payments have been made.

  • Choice of repayment plan – annuities, decreasing instalments or individual repayment plan.

  • Option of paying the review and analysis fee in two instalments.

  • No fee for the preparation of a legal opinion on the loan.

  • Possibility of preparing a draft mortgage deed/legal mortgage registration application – the cost is included in the loan APR.

  • Without requiring the conclusion and maintenance of Life, Accident or Credit Insurance.


  • The loan applicant must have worked for their current employer for at least 6 months.

  • The loan applicant must receive provable regular income.

  • You must have a history of regular payments on your existing loans.

  • First-ranking mortgage on the property serving as collateral.

  • The loan applicant’s age must not be more than 65 years when the loan term expires.

  • Loan applicants who will be more than 65 years of age at the end of the loan term must fulfil the following additional terms:

    • Secure a co-debtor on the loan who is over 18 when applying for the loan and will be below 65 at the loan maturity date.

    • When the loan applicant reaches 65 years, the remainder on the loan must be no more than 35% of the individual valuation of the collateral

How to apply

At a bank branch

Discuss the transaction with one of our consultants. Complete a loan application form and prepare the required documents.

Online enquiry

Complete the online enquiry form and one of our consultants will get back to you.

  • Copy of the loan applicant’s ID card.

  • Preliminary sale and purchase agreement with the builder of the residential property whose construction is financed by the Bank.

  • Declaration regarding related persons – in the Bank’s standard form, if applicable.

  • Declaration of relationship in the Bank’s standard form.

  • Loan application in the Bank’s standard form.

Documents certifying ownership of the property offered as additional collateral:

  • Tax valuation of the property offered as additional collateral.

  • Certificate of family status of the property owner(s).

  • Valuation of that property carried out by a certified appraiser.
    The cost of pledging the property are covered by the loan applicant.

  • Other documents, at the Bank’s discretion.