Current Accounts with Bank Card Mastercard DZEN for Retired Individuals

"Third Opportunity" current account in BGN with abank card Mastercard DZEN intended only for retired individuals. Option for getting an overdraft.



You are a Bulgarian individual of legal age receiving a pension for life: personal contributory retirement pension, indefinite disability pension or a personal special merit pension. We will provide you with:

  • BGN current account
  • Bank card issued free of charge
  • Higher interest rate compared to a standard current account, according to the Interest Rate Bulletin.


  • No account opening or closure charge.
  • No fee for withdrawing cash with a debit card issued to the account from an ATM operated by Tokuda Bank or UniCredit Bulbank.
  • Receive your pension into the bank account in a timely and secure fashion.
  • Your funds are available at any time of the day with a bank card issued to your account.
  • Option of accessing additional funds if you have applied for an account overdraft*.

* An overdraft may be approved for an amount of up to one month’s life pension, but no more than the fixed maximum pension amount.